Hacking with the Force.com

I was delighted to attend the “Hacking with the Force.com” meetup event last night. Arranged by the London Salesforce Developers group on Meetup.com, and hosted (with beer and pizza, a classy touch) by the good folks at CloudSherpas.

The emphasis was on coding, so I was a little outside my comfort zone, but it was exciting to watch and the results of the hour-and-a-half-or-so’s hackathon were truly impressive! Really valuable to see how these things get plumbed together, even though I’m unlikely to be building anything like that by myself any time soon…

Looking forward to the next event!

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Fourteen years' experience as a CRM consultant, nearly half of which has been spent working with Salesforce.com. I've worked extensively with clients and partners throughout EMEA (and beyond) and have a reputation for a customer-focussed, value-driven approach.
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